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Christian-Based Counseling for Individuals,
Couples, and Families in Madison, Jackson, and Starkville


Our LifeWorks Counselors are committed followers of Christ who seek to integrate healthy Biblical theology with clinical skills. Whether you’re struggling in a relationship or have feelings that hinder your ability to complete daily tasks, one of our trained counselors can help.


Testimonials about LifeWorks Counseling

Roane and Eva were instruments of God’s grace in saving our marriage…their experience, strength, and hope helped us to believe there was hope for us and brought healing to us individually and as a couple!
— Married Ccouple of 20+ years
Roane has helped me to deal with my past and understand the true meaning that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. I am learning to live out the true freedom Christ promised us! Thankful!
— A man in mid-life crisis
We were married for a long time and just going through the motions. Roane & Eva gave us their “Roadmap to Redeeming Intimacy” and it has helped us to have the marriage God intended. We are grateful.
— Married couple of 25+ years