Couple’s Intensive


LifeWorks Couple’s Intensive is focused on developing relational dynamics and intimacy. Couples do not have to have it together - or even be sure they want to stay together. They only need to be open to that possibility if they experience healing in their relationship. Real issues are addressed using experiential therapy and a systemic framework for ongoing growth and healing. Couples will also develop a growth plan that emphasizes each person focusing on his/her own growth.

Upcoming Couple’s Intensives

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Couple’s Testimonials

Collecting and connecting the dots was a powerful experience. Watching the other couples offered us much insight into our own stuff – it was easier to see it in them than it was to see our own stuff. The group experience was invaluable.
“The insight we gained through the experiential exercises was amazing.  We were able to see the dysfunctional dynamics of how we relate so much more clearly. It really helped us understand our crazy cycle.”