Lifeworks Counseling’s Jackson location is located in the offices of…..


At Innovative Health our mission is to change the life path of patients to one that provides for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, full of passion and vitality, and ultimately decreases the need for conventional medications and interventions.

Live Optimally.

We partner with Innovative Health because we believe in a total holistic approach to life change. Jackie Williams, owner of Innovative Health, understands the process of life change. She believes that through realizing the underlying cause of symptoms, properly balancing hormones, adding nutritional and nutraceutical guidance and adapting a healthier lifestyle, patients can enjoy longer, more restored and passionate lives. She is a strong advocate for counseling knowing that it is an important part of the process in understanding the underlying behaviors and stressors in a clients life in order to gain emotional health is critical to the process of healthy living. Living in wholeness - physically, mentally, and emotionally - is to live an optimal life!

Lifeworks Cousneling Jackson office is located in the Innovative Health Office Suite at:

501 Marshall Street Suite 605 Jackson, MS 39202