Men’s Coaching Weekend:
Deer Camp or Fish Camp

Our Men’s Coaching Weekend is a unique environment for men committed to learning a relational paradigm for growth. Throughout the weekend, men learn new relationship skills and benefit from interaction with other men. The goal for each participant is to learn how to communicate openly and assertively while receiving constructive input that will serve as a blueprint for how he can begin to grow in all areas of his life. There are two locations to attend a Men’s Coaching Weekend.

Fish Camp in Fairhope, AL

Deer Camp in Goodman, MS


After a Men’s Coaching Weekend

The structure of the Men’s Coaching Weekend includes a retreat and a follow-up program. After the weekend is over, there are two follow-up weekly gatherings. Walking Free for Men meets each Monday evening from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Broadmoor Baptist Church. Another group meets at Corner Bakery or Friday morning from 7:00 to 8:30am. These groups offer coaching and instruction, support in community, and a place to openly assess “where are you” in your journey. Through the retreat and follow-up, a man will see his life change as he experiences support from other men who are seeking to grow through this deliberate and intentional format.

Learn more about Deer and Fish Camp as well as BPO (Business Professional Outreach) a ministry partner.

Upcoming Coaching Weekends

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