Band of Brothers – we are not alone

Walking Free for Men – Brochure & Info (click this link for more our flyer with more info) is a gathering of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility and recovery.  Serious – not grave.  Walking Free men are traveling companions on a great spiritual adventure, not grim pilgrims on a death march to personal holiness.  We challenge each other daily to believe the incredible news that God actually knows us, loves us, and has restored us to Himself.  As we follow Christ together, we find our lives progressively infused with righteousness, peace and joy.

Recommended Workbooks:  Getting Started Program – Walking Free  (This is a downloadable pdf document) and this workbook from Faithful & True Ministries Faithful & True Workbook by Eli Machen & Mark Laaser and L.I.F.E. Guide for Men: A Workbook for Men Seeking Freedom from Sexual Addiction by Dr. Mark Laaser

Who We Are

Sexual brokenness and sexual addiction are growing problems in our nation, our communities, our churches, and our families.  The advent of the internet and the proliferation of pornography have escalated this issue at an alarming rate.  The average age of exposure to hard core pornography now stands at around 8 to 9 years of age.  Men are disconnecting from reality to pursue the illusion of love, acceptance, and affirmation they find through pornography (in all of its forms), fantasy, anonymous sexual encounters, and affairs.  The goals of Walking Free include eradicating life-dominating sin patterns, establishing guiding foundations of truth, and encouraging life-changing relationships of love and trust in the lives of group members.  The group meets once a week and utilizes both large and small group settings for ministry.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to encourage and equip men to leave the false intimacy of sexual brokenness for genuine intimacy with Jesus Christ and others – a journey from false intimacy to redemptive intimacy.  We desire to see group members not only stop destructive sexual thought patterns and behaviors, but to also start relationships in which they can experience genuine intimacy.

In order to accomplish our purpose, we have discovered and established the following goals for those who would participate and be a member of Walking Free –  Goals and Expectations (PDF, short version) | Goals and Expectations (PDF, Full version)  

A Trusted Servant:

A Trusted Servant is a group member called by God and recognized by the group to: Trusted Servant – Responsibility (PDF)
➢ Carry a message of recovery to others in need through the sharing of their experience, strength, and hope;
➢ Serve the needs of others by giving of their time, talent, and attendance to the group;
➢ And facilitate the group and its adherence to its traditions, guidelines, and principles in order to accomplish the stated purpose of the group and maintain its continued welfare

We are not a 12-step group.

Many of us attend 12-step groups and are grateful for them, but our struggles and habits do not define us.  We are fully aware of our capacity to sin and as a result, we are ever vigilant and intentional about recovering the life God intended us to live.

We are not an “accountability group.”

Instead of living our lives separately and reporting (or lying) about our progress, we try to live our lives together in authentic brotherhood.  Walking Free is open to any man in our community desiring help to overcome his behavior related to sexual brokenness.  This includes fantasy, lust, masturbation, pornography, prostitution (strip clubs & massage parlors), and affairs – this includes both heterosexual and/or same-sex compulsivity in any of these areas.

We are not perfect.

Not even close. We are broken individuals, but in our fractured fellowship we find a foretaste of God’s approaching re-creation.

When:  Monday Evenings

What:  Walking Free – Renewal from Sexual Brokenness (Men Only)

 Time:  6:30 to 8:00

Where: Broadmoor Baptist Church,  1531 Highland Colony Pkwy, Madison, MS 39110

Broadmoor Baptist Church - Map

Monday Evening Schedule for Walking Free

6:30 – Large Gathering – Teaching (Roane Hunter, LPC, CSAT)

7:00 – Select Bands Breakout (8 to 10 Men per breakout group)

8:00 – Dismiss