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One of the offerings in our list of specialties for our practice is Soul Care.  We believe that many of us have not been taught how to care for our soul and if life is going to be lived well we have to understand this holistic approach to life rather than a separation of our spiritual life and our practical life. Part of good soul care is a fundamental understanding of Truth – God’s word that became flesh and moved into the neighborhood. I read this comment recently on Dr. Skip Moen’s website from one of his readers and I thought it was worth sharing – so enjoy!

From LH commenting on Skip Moen’s October 4th post:

Atonement is only possible AFTER repentance of sin. Yeshua’s death is for me ONLY after I have answered to the Law, and brought myself to the only correct place I have in relation to it: “Father, forgive me!” The Law shows me the Way to the cross. There is only one way to the atonement, and that is by way of Sinai. There is only one definition of fractured love, and that definition is being spoken through all eternity, for what He speaks once for all us who are defined by time, He speaks for all time Who is the Definer of that time. He does not alter what comes out of His mouth, for what comes out of His mouth IS reality, and all of it He pronounces good. Why should the Law, spoken by His own mouth, be any exception? If the Law were not “holy, just and good” He need not have died. If the Law were not the very definition of His character, He need not have had to answer to it in our place. Only if love were not love, need He to have not died for us. If He had to die because of the fact that we were created to have our very existence defined by love (which means that we cease to exist without it), then we have no way to exist without answering to that Definition given to us on that mountain. Yeshua came to live out His character (which is what the Law defines) in our place. This is the gift He came to give us. Love IS Life, and this Life is what we are missing. We cannot supply this Life for ourselves, but we do have to show up to the trading post and trade in our death (fracture) for it. Is this a one-time trade? Perhaps it is, at the last possible moment, for a dying person, say, but the rest of us, even if we are completely sorry for it all, still have not learned to stay sorry! For that reason, there is grace; not so we can continue to sin, but BECAUSE we do, in fact, continue to sin. Grace is not license for sin; grace is so that I can repent. Again. Grace provides a free (to me) ride, but there is only one destination on the grace bus, and that is Sinai. Grace gets me to a place where I can do something about my need for atonement, but grace was NEVER that Atonement, nor does it replace it. Yes, I need atonement, but grace only and forever exists so that I can get back to Sinai. Why there? Because there is only one definition of what I need to do, and that is repent of breaking that Law. Grace does not clear the runway to atonement: grace clears the runway to repentance. The Law must be satisfied (not nullified!) before atonement can be efficacious.

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