Every Monday • 6:30-8:00p.m.

Broadmoor Baptist Church
1531 Highland Colony Parkway • Madison, MS

Brave is a community of women (dating steadily, engaged, married, separated, or divorced), who have experienced betrayal and loss as a result of their loved one’s struggles with life-dominating sexual sin. Brave is about healthy relationships with God and other sisters that help us walk through this journey with grace, truth, and love, regardless of the choices our loved-ones make. 

Our group works through workbooks and together we experience the healing power of spiritual community as we learn to face our real-life hurts and struggles. We vow to seek our own recovery. We learn from hearing one another’s strength, hope, and experience. 

Brave meets weekly to give women an opportunity to:

  • Grieve with others who identify with our pain

  • Begin breaking free from harmful and distorted patterns of thinking

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries that guard our hearts, thoughts, and behaviors

  • Allow God to use authentic relationships to heal and transform us from the inside out

  • Begin to see the bigger picture of  God’s work in our lives , and His purpose for us

  • Share from our own experience, strength and hope, and encourage each other to Dream again!

Our Traditions

We are guided by and follow one authority - a loving God who presents Himself to us through His Son Jesus Christ - and the wisdom of His Word as revealed in the Bible. 

Confidentiality and anonymity are the key to trust and safety within this group. What we say here stays here. 

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